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About The Club

During the year of 2020, the country was taken over by the COVID-19 pandemic which required people to social distance, quarantine, and function differently.  There was an increase of mental and behavioral health conditions, including symptoms of anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, trauma-related symptoms, new or increased substance use, and thoughts of suicide. The pandemic did not only impact low-income families, it impacted business professionals too. Read Between the Wine is a book club established in 2020 during the year of quarantine by founder Shani J. Penn to provide a way to cope with being in quarantine, giving business professionals who usually network in person the opportunity to socialize virtually and have an educational and stimulating conversation as they adapt to the new norm. This is done while enjoying a glass of wine.  

Club Members

  • Erica Donerson  

  • Meagan Dunn 

  • Sherryl Hinton 

  • Wendy Jackson  

  • Nataki Johnson  

  • Tiffeny Jones 

  • Shani J. Penn  

  • Joni Thrower Davis 

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